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A website project plan is an idea for accomplishing the inevitable if you acknowledge my training. When you first start with web design, it’s better to understand the fundamentals of creating a responsive and well-organised website

Website speed allows Google to rank you better on search engines. This is because it’s important to enlighten the reader with pages that load fast. Your customers will read more if you generate responsively well-written pages.

I’m sure you’ve come across websites that are far too slow loading and take forever to read. My bet is that you left the website in seconds. Images, plugins and widgets can all cause lagging, therefore, streamlining your tools is the answer to a faster website.

Streamline Your Dashboard with Minimal Plugins for Your Website Project Plan

I’ve added a list of the plugins that are basic to control your website and create great SEO content. Remember the fewer plugins to do the job the better because website lagging is indeed being overzealous with plugins.

  • Kraken Image Optimizer
  • All in One SEO
  • Easy Table of Contents
  • IndexNow
  • Shared Counts

Choosing a Website Template – Website Project Plan

Your website project plan should include being aware of which templates load fast enough for your content. Choosing the right template allows you more room for images and plugins. I know it’s a struggle to choose, therefore I’m here to help you choose.

These days free templates are all over the web, moreover, they are pretty reliable and fast. Yes, some come with a small upgrade price, however, it’s normally a few dollars. Think speed, reliability, design and content friendly. The last thing you need is a website that has little space for content.

Access Generator Press
Generator Press Premium

Content rules so you need a lightweight theme called Generator Press. If you want to rank on search engines it’s a user-friendly alternative to creating a decent website for content. It focuses on speed, stability, and accessibility.

Generator Press Facts You Need to Know

GeneratePress is one of the most popular themes out there it has received 848 out of 858 reviews giving it a 5-star rating and it has 200,000+ active installs to date. Not bad when you think about the number of templates available for free.

Generator Press works wonders with block editor which is also complimentary via WordPress. The editor is important to compliment your theme with great content. Block editor has all the tools to create great pages and posts.

The Fastest Loading Themes from WordPress

  • Astra.
  • SociallyViral.
  • SocialNow.
  • GeneratePress.
  • Customify.
  • Schema.
  • Parallax Pro.
  • Blocksy.

I’ve mentioned the other themes available to enhance your search with what suits your website project plan. This should enlighten the experience to give you a headstart. WordPress themes for SEO are what you should be looking for.

An SEO-friendly theme will enhance your mission to write better content, moreover, it creates excellent accessibility for working on your website from the WordPress internal dashboard. With WordPress and Block Editor website navigation and design will be much easier.

How to Add Generator Press from your WordPress Dashboard

Adding Generator Press to your dashboard on WordPress is easy enough for you to get started. It may seem confusing at the beginning, however, you will learn how to fill in the spaces for content quickly. First, go to the Generator Press website and download the theme.

Now go to the WordPress dashboard and then click on appearance and themes and upload the theme from your saved download. Once it has been downloaded activate it and you’re ready to go. You can also, however, search for the plugin from themes and also download it.

You can watch the video for an easier solution if you want to download GP from your WordPress dashboard.

You can access the Block Editor by going to pages and posts in the dashboard of WordPress.

There are many tools for both Block Editor and Generator press, therefore you need time to adjust. You will become familiar with both in a couple of days of building content. Remember both compliment SEO, accordingly, if you write Great Content Google will rank your website better.

Building a Website for Free has Never Been Easier

Let’s see how you can create a WordPress website for free, moreover, join a community of hundreds of thousands of like-minded affiliates. When I first started I tried to work alone, however, I knew that I needed help. You can access the community and build your website from below.

I built a website within a week with the training I received for free, therefore, I had a head start. I knew it was the right choice because I had all the tools, therefore it was surreal. Life has never been easier than now for me and those I mentor. Nothing is more satisfying than growing with knowledge hence receiving quality training is essential.

How to Set Up Your Website for Free

Setting up your website project plan has never been easier when you find the right training. Over the last two years, I have used a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Memberships start off for free with two forms of training, one for building your own business and two for making money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

You can choose a free domain name or choose a paid domain name for your business. The free domain name allows you to create your business, moreover, it can be transferred over to a paid domain name when you have enough content.

The platform helps you upload a theme to your domain and generate your website, moreover, this is done with a few clicks of your mouse.

how to create your own website project to plan
How to create a website in a few clicks

Once you have completed the above fields you are one click of the mouse from owning your own website and online business. If you want to take the free training and learn how to create a website in a week, access the free sign-up page below.

Once you have filled out the online signup form and chosen a theme and domain name it’s all done for you. There is no coding needed your website is generated in one minute.

The Easiest Method for Website Creation on the Web

With the knowledge I have passed over to you creating a website has never been easier. You have reached this stage because you have learned three important needs before you start creating your website.

  • The Process Of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Defining Your Niche Market Affiliate.
  • Maintain Keyword Content.

These are the three most important needs before you begin content writing, therefore you’re ready to begin your journey. Make sure you follow the remaining training here at 20 Step Affiliate to learn more.

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