The Process Of Affiliate Marketing – 20-Step Affiliate -2022

Affiliate marketing means that an affiliate receives a commission for promoting another company’s product. You already know the important procedures to niche market creation from lesson one. It’s time to learn the process of affiliate marketing from start to finish.

Let me explain that to create a niche market understanding the process of affiliate marketing is far easier. The affiliate looks for a product they like, then markets that product and receives commissions from every sale they create.

The company you promote creates a link that is personal to your account with them. Each link can be changed depending on which product you choose. You should choose wisely to fit in with your niche, moreover, make sure it’s on-topic.

Making Money Online – The Process of Affiliate Marketing

The Process Of Affiliate Marketing
MMO – Making Money Online

This part of the training has been set aside, therefore you are going on a journey. You are now going to understand the engine for making money online. (MMO).

Since affiliate marketing works by multiplying the responsibilities of product promotion and creation across parties, it succeeds in capitalizing on the capabilities of individuals. This helps you adopt the process of affiliate marketing as a whole.

The Merchant & Product Creator

The Process Of Affiliate Marketing - 20-Step Affiliate -2022

The seller, whether a single entrepreneur or a big company, is a merchant with a product to promote. Similar to Amazon. Amazon is one of the best affiliates global businesses, therefore they have enough products for all affiliates and customers.

Amazon’s sales system is second to none and delivers on time almost every time. It is one of the richest businesses in the world, therefore has implemented the best customer service known to man.

Apple is still the world’s most valuable company, only a few other companies share the honour of having a market cap of over $1 trillion 

Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O)$2.51 trillionup 50.6%
Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O)$1.97 trillionup 69.1% Inc (AMZN.O)$1.79 trillionup 8.2%
Tesla Inc (TSLA.O)$1.07 trillionup 51.5%
Companies Worth a Trillion Dollars

Critical Affiliate Elements for Affiliate Success

Critical elements of getting your website indexed, ranked and getting traffic depends on knowing your niche. Moreover, it depends on the niche content you write as explained in lesson one.

Once you have started niche market research and the process of affiliate marketing you can move towards creating your website. Just Keep Pushing until you are certain you understand. It takes time to build a website, however, I will show you for free later on.

Are you good at writing case studies? A case study is a short customer success story that companies use to sell their products or services. Many affiliate marketers follow email methods to tell a story drawing the attention of customers.

 Profitable Freelance Writing Niches to Explore

Cryptocurrency has become a popular writing freelance niche with many training courses, moreover many success stories. The only problem with cryptocurrency is that it never lifted off as much as those that deal in it wanted.

Personally, I foresee cryptocurrency being a popular niche in the future as an online currency. The finance, banking, and insurance industries are some of the most lucrative ones to write for along with real estate and travel.

Travel writing is all over the web from blogs to hotel booking websites. therefore although competitive writing, a travel blog is plausible. Travel is a competitive niche as most locations around the world have been covered.

Education and learning take pride in being a popular niche with the TEFL industry raking in millions from those that want to live and teach abroad. I created a TEFL website with a hiring tool for teachers to complete with a resume upload tool.

The Process Of Affiliate Marketing for Content

Talk about business lessons that you have learned specific to your industry and of common interest. Also, various tools for building your business with plugins and widgets. These are popular with some online business owners. However, don’t overload your WordPress back office with plugins as they slow your site down.

You could talk about common issues you had building your online business with common problems. I created a discussion forum for example and tried to add an image upload tool for avatars. nowadays I give members the opportunity to use Gravatar.

You could talk about industry news, how-to tutorials and company culture and values which are all good for learning about your niche. Customers tend to research companies a lot before they purchase, therefore want to know about your business.

Learn the Process Of Affiliate Marketing

The Basics Uncovered

Affiliate marketing involves referring to a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platform, podcast, or website. It’s as simple as that making the process easier than actually writing for your niche.

The process, in general, would mean concentrating on your niche first, therefore the reason I placed this in step one. You can learn the basics of writing for your niche in a few paragraphs. It’s great to be an idealist and professional in your niche and will reflect in your work.

I’ll be covering keyword implementation in step three so be prepared to learn more. Thereafter It’s all about building your website. Knowing your niche and learning the process first, are on the list of self-improvements, you can make.

Building Your Brand

We are going to be focusing on all of the critical elements of getting your website indexed within this lesson. To be indexed means Google has found your website and allowed it to be indexed among the masses.

This is why I taught you about niche markets and the affiliate marketing procedures first. Even though you haven’t built your website yet you are moving closer each time you read my lessons.

Now is time to get your thinking cap on and create a domain name. This is like a piece of real estate where you can build your business upon owning it. Make sure your niche domain is on-topic to your content for example (20StepAffiliate).

If you don’t have funds available for your online business don’t worry. I will help you create one from where you will master content building to be ranked. You can start your journey from the claim a free website form below.

Owning a Domain Name

Having your own .com, .org, or .net domain carries some real incentives. These are as follows:

  • They are an Asset you Own.
  • Domains Increase in Value.
  • They Rank Better.

Owning our own online ”Real Estate Asset” allows you to place pride on your business, moreover, it proves its realism. You can start with a free domain and then transfer it across to a paid domain later. I will cover more about this later.

Creating a Domain Name

If You have created a niche in gardening and are searching for a domain name it could be something like this.


Whether the domain name is available or not it may mean being more creative with your search until your find one that fits your niche. This is your own virtual real estate so make sure you spend some time creating your domain.

As mentioned above you can create a free domain name to start your online business or as I always express purchase one beforehand as an asset. As your website becomes more established your domain name will be indexed along with your website. This means generally speaking you will need some content.

Owning a domain name will give you full control of your website and allow you to build a specific domain name email account for your business. The training platform I use allows many emails, however, I choose two each for my businesses.

Domain Name Competition

As mentioned above the competition for your domain name could be high so think about this when you are creating your niche. Don’t let this worry you because your domain name DOES NOT have to be an exact match to your niche, moreover, a name that matches up to your niche in some way.

Creating Great Allotments to Sell Vegetables

  • (Available)

Here’s a list of what’s available for ”Great Allotments.” An allotment is an area of land, leased either from a private or local authority landlord, for the use of growing fruit and vegetables.

The Process Of Affiliate Marketing - 20-Step Affiliate -2022

Use Jaxxy to Find a Great Domain Name

If you’re wondering what is Jaaxy it’s a keyword search tool made by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. You can try this for around 30 searches for free and if you keep up with the training I will show you how to get it free as a member.

A domain name cost around $14.99 a year and subsequently $14.99 each year recurring. It’s not a lot considering the training that comes with it as I move you closer to building your own website. Just imagine owning your own domain name.

Domains are actually worth money, in fact, one of my old domain names is up for sale for $2,000. This is why domains are known as online real estate because you can make money from them as they age.

How Do You Go About Finding a Domain Name?

When you move onto Jaaxy in the domains column you are going to see available domains under particular keywords. Of course, this depends on what your search is and the keywords you enter into Jaaxy for your niche.

The Jaaxy interface allows you to learn which domains are available or not. This is a great tool for understanding the power behind your niche. You can signup for free 30 searches below from the Jaaxy signup form.

When searching on Jaaxy try to claim a domain that is .com because they tend to rank far better on search engines.

 If it shows an “Add to Cart” button, that means that it is available for purchase.

People are more familiar with typing .com for a search result to buy goods. Providing you have taken my training so far into consideration by now you should have a niche. Move through this lesson towards owning a domain name and then we’ll move on to keywords in the next lesson.

You Have Your Own Brand Name

Now you have your very own domain, awesome. In the online business world, this is about the best investment that you can make. If you move through this training your business is going to be one of substance to create a passive income.

I am later in training as we move a step closer to choosing a theme towards transferring your own domain if you already have one. Also, we’ll be looking at transferring across from a free domain to a paid version of your choice.

Making money online (MMO) covers a lot of ground, therefore later we’ll be covering various techniques for that in detail. Thanks for joining me in lesson two, until next time in lesson three take it easy and try to work out your niche and brand name with the training I have covered.

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