Research Monetization – How To Prepare (Affiliate Marketing)

The 20 Step Affiliate is a great way to research monetization to prepare your website to work on autopilot around the clock. All the secrets are now obtainable and easy to access to learn, moreover, most of them are right here in this post.

What is Website Monetisation?

Website monetization is the process of converting existing traffic being sent to a particular website into revenue. The greatest thing I have learned is is create my website with no ads, or at least leave them out until my website is content-rich and creates traffic.

The key is to monetize internet traffic to a website by creating leads or inquiries from submission forms or phone calls from interested consumers and then delivering. The only problem is it’s time-consuming making calls.

Paid membership or ‘continuity’ programs don’t need phone calls and are another way to monetize existing traffic. Continuity traffic is a perfect monetization requirement depending on the overall product. The continuity offer is normally the final offer in your funnel.

 Customers can be billed monthly, annually, or even lifetime membership

With Web Monetization, the user’s provider decides whether to pay the site and, if so, how much to pay. Web Monetization makes use of a system moreover commonly used in the five-off funnel system.

Five Offer Funnel

There are five offers available when creating a Five Offer Funnel to monetise your affiliate business. These offers can be free or for a small sum until you reach offer number five. I have listed the five offers below.

  1. Authority Blog
  2. Opt-In
  3. Micro Offer
  4. Core Offer
  5. Continuity
The true aspects of monetization

The Authority Blog – Research Monetization

Your first task is to create a blog about your niche and the products you sell. These products can be affiliated or personal self-owned products. This is where you reach the monetization stage of your online business.

The authority of your blog is the most significant aspect to make the funnel attractive to customers, moreover, it’s what makes it work. Using no more than 1500 words describe your niche in full.

Your authority blog is a transition within the funnel toward the Opt-in. This helps the customer decide on entering into the funnel to purchase. The more creative an authoritatively written blog is the better your funnel.

Opt-In Offer

Everyone likes a free gift such as a slide presentation, a video or an invite to a webinar. You are now in the monetization area that makes your funnel work to have it run around the clock. Email gathering is essential to gain contact with your customers.

Your emails go out automatically within the funnel. You’re going to learn about Aweber (Affiliate Friendly) This platform allows you to create emails that are triggered by a customer’s subscription to your opt-in and throughout your funnel campaign after each offer.

Once a customer opts in an email is sent out by the autoresponders with your free presentation, video or invite to a webinar. This is how you create a contact list to communicate with customers. The opt-in sign-up form triggers an email which is sent out after subscription to your new customers.

I’ve set up an account with Aweber to show you an example of how an autoresponder triggers your email.

Learn how to research monetization from the Five Offer Funnel.

Micro Offer

Are you wondering where you’re going to make money? That’s simple by throwing in another offer to redeem some money back for your hard work. Now you have an insight into the email system you can have a second email sent toward your micro offer.

This offer can be a paid version of your presentation, video or webinar for around $29.99. There will be plenty of time to make money further into the funnel. When a person opts in a thank you page goes out with a signup form to your Micro offer.

So far in the post, the opt-in offer and micro offer have reached monetization mode. All you need to do now is create a core offer. This is where you make a sum of money via monetization. The core offer offers consumers a full offer that can be anything from $29.99 – $199. This may be training or an affiliate platform community with full website business training.

Core Offer – Research Monetization

This offer is number four in the Five offer funnel, moreover, it’s the one that makes money as a full-on online business. The monetization of the first three offers by the use of email autoresponders is what triggers each email to go out one after another.

You can create autoresponder emails with a time-lapse in Aweber where each email goes out under a certain timeframe.

This offer highlights that once running on autopilot the core offers sends out for example a set of ten affiliate marketing videos to succeed. Of course, the offer can be anything your choose to sell online.

Authority > Opt-in > Micro Offer > Core Offer > Continuity

Continuity Offer

This offer is what makes the most money with recurring full-on training for example with training courses, affiliate marketing platform membership or a set of live webinars each month to create a monetized online business that works around the clock.

The core offer triggers another email out to your customers telling them about an exciting offer, you’re selling. This is normally done around a month after the core offer giving customers time to relish your core offer product. You could be offering them a subscription for 6 months, a year or a lifetime.

Now you have shown customers the direction from your core offer they buy the continuity offer at a reduced cost before the offer ends. The funnel works exceptionally well with deals like the Black Friday deal when customers are looking for bargains.

The System

The Five Offer Funnel system presents the easiest breakdown of how monetization works. Automating your business to run around the clock has never been easier. This works well and frees up lots of time to work on other campaigns once it’s monetized.

Think about it! Making money around the clock with several websites and multiple products. Each product especially if it’s a digital product can be beneficial to your financial situation if monetized accordingly by this training.

Once each of your blogs has taken content authority into account with a funnel for each one there is no reason you can’t go on to great things. One use of the Fiver Offer Funnel for me was to sell a (TEFL) English teacher hiring website with all hiring needs that worked well and I never looked back.

Thank You!

Thanks for taking the time to learn the great advantages of monetization and where it can place your business. Please continue with the training and please post a comment to learn more about the 20-Step Affiliate.

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