Making Life Easier – How to Automate (Affiliate Marketing)

The previous seven lessons carved a path for you to build your website and prepare for content. You now know affiliate marketing means that an affiliate receives a commission for promoting another company’s product, moreover, you are ready to roll. Now let’s talk about how to automate.

What You Have Learned So Far

Before I begin let’s think about the previous knowledge I passed over with the first seven lessons. We covered selecting your target audience and identifying your niche, beginning by selecting the general market.

It’s fair to say you enjoyed learning how to maintain keyword content before your website creation, moreover, this takes patience. I covered the best process by launching a website project plan with the fastest themes and the best editing tools.

You can now grow rich content and give customers a comprehensive breakdown of your niche to succeed, therefore, you are ready. I covered making money online fast by helping you accomplish your online goals in order.

You have learned how to implement Google Analytics into the structure of your content in the easiest way possible. Now let’s learn how to automate your website as you drive content into your online business.

How It All Fits Together, How To Automate (Affiliate Marketing)

Once you have all the processes I have covered working for you it’s time to learn how to automate them. By now you should be writing content, moreover, have some idea of direction with your niche.

Chances are at some point you have automated something before in your regular life outside the web. For me, it was teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). I automated my lessons to run over the year and had all lesson plans running in the order of need for each grade.

Fitting classroom schedules and grade development with student expected outcomes I learned how it all fits together. I knew this would make each year easier and more beneficial for myself and my students.

Take affiliate marketing, it’s about the automation of processes such as communication, Invitation and how a customer can qualify to get training or a free opt-in product. An opt-in product is something that is either free or a few dollars in return for an email.

Website Automation (Emails)

Email marketing is more relevant now than ever before. Research shows us that email is still the best channel to reach people, ahead of other channels. With the increase in popularity of social media and other messaging platforms, it has become an incredible source of automation.

Website automation is extremely popular in the affiliate marketing world where websites are designed to run sales around the clock. A good example of automation is autoresponders that send out automated emails to people in your email list.

Remember your going to reach out to people you don’t know who should be a customer, moreover, later a friend. Communication is the key! You can automate social media so it works for you by creating an automated message for contact.

There are seven steps to the automation process that you need to know. Reaching out for each step and identifying it as a process to achieve and automation is the key. These seven steps are something you know.

  • Contact
  • Communicate
  • Qualify
  • invite
  • Presentation
  • Follow Up
  • Handle

All questions about affiliate marketing can be answered by the seven steps, moreover how to bring them together to automate your business. Whether your business is online or off the seven steps work 100%

Before I Start I would like you to read further into this with a post I created about a sales funnel. This is a great opportunity for you to see automation in action from start to finish. I have mastered the art of Sales Funnel Creation.

The sales funnel I have is a full-on automated system that attracts customers, collects emails, sends an automated thank you response out and offers a free opt-in gift. The free gift is a presentation which is also automated to be sent out as soon as someone opts in.

The Seven Steps to Automation

Remember this! You have to contact a human being before you can communicate hence gathering emails with my Five Offer Funnel above is my formula. Learning these seven steps is essential and you simply can’t lose.

Learn how to automate your website to run around the clock.

1. Contact

You have to contact your customers or you can’t qualify them, moreover, it’s a move towards sales. Without the first initial contact, there is no communication. Also, be aware they have to be able to contact you before you can qualify them so make it easy.

Bear in mind there are times you have to contact many people before you get a response, therefore please read the Five Offer Funnel because it makes life far easier. Remember regardless of your niche, the product, the sales leads or the process you learn here at some point you need to contact someone.

2. Communication

Remember it doesn’t matter what the medium is the seven steps always apply. You could as mentioned be going through many contacts before someone is willing to communicate. This is mostly the case with social media. That is the exact reason I added the video for autoresponse above.

Remember whether it’s a voice message, a phone call an email or an opt-in you are always going to need to communicate. You could be watching a webinar or a zoom conversation where at some points you’re going to want to ask or answer questions.

If you’re building a team or working on a joint website project, communication is the key. At some point, if your business requires others to work for you it involves communicating. This is essential for feedback, recruitment or joint projects.

Why Communication Is Essential – How to Automate Your Business

Communication isn’t an income step because I say so it’s because it is one of the seven steps you need to succeed. It’s a common fact that your niche means answering questions, therefore to receive a sale a relationship is built. This is essential for ongoing subscription-type products.

It’s rare to have a sale where some sort of communication hasn’t been made to ask questions about a product. This may be a training course, an affiliate marketing product or a network application. All of these could be communicated via text, email, social media message etc.

If you want to reduce the time you spend answering messages think about making a video to communicate with your customers. You can send them a link and send it to as many people as you want.

This lesson is communicating with you from where I have free training. I don’t even collect emails at this time. Every time you are communicating with someone you are handling a situation. I will cover this later. Another form of communication is to construct an FAQ page to send people. This could be a simple link to a page that takes a few hours to create.

At some point you are going to have to answer questions about scams, making people aware you are legit. This often means texting, email, messaging or phone. Whatever it takes to communicate deal with it because being there to answer questions is essential.

3. Qualify

Remember this is never about giving in. A customer might need affiliate marketing training, however, needs to qualify. Or perhaps you need to qualify to choose an affiliate program you wish to promote. Perhaps a potential customer needs to have an amount of knowledge before they qualify for your training.

With my training for example to qualify I prefer you read from 1-20. Of course, I don’t monitor this, however, it’s the only way it works. I qualify you in a way that if you follow the steps in my training you will succeed. Why? Because I have followed the seven steps to write it.

In sequence you need to make contact with the customer to communicate, then to see if they qualify for your offer. It’s something you do in everything you stand to achieve. There should never be a day when you don’t qualify yourself or another person for something.

If I was to invite you to a platform where most of the web’s affiliate marketers hang out as the best community on the web, if, you said no then you wouldn’t qualify. To qualify often needs a yes. can I mentor you? For you to qualify you would need a yes.

4. Invite

Once you have qualified a potential customer an invite to buy or attend is created. This is your gesture to them for contacting you and communicating. By now you’re realising that the seven steps either work in order or not.

If you read the seven steps backwards you’ll see a pattern forming as to how you might implement them in your online affiliate business. Perhaps a customer may contact you about a webinar you have created, therefore they are qualifying themselves for information.

You are also qualifying them by passing information about the webinar content, length and requirements to attend if successful. Most webinars except anyone because they are money driven. In some ways, this is a shame that money comes before qualifying either by knowledge or certification..

I invite you to take my training because it works with the 20 steps. It’s automatic for you with no strings attached. I have very few promotions on this website therefore know it’s not over-affiliated with ads etc. It’s free and in order of what I feel you must do to succeed.

5. Presentation

Learn how to automate your website

Think about this! In order of the seven steps to automation, you have contacted me to ask about this training and if I could prepare some extra training or mentor you. I will communicate with you with a few questions and invite you to a message chat.

At this stage, I have to make my mind up and offer to send you a presentation about this training or about what I offer in mentorship. How can I lead you to great training, Introduce you to the world’s finest affiliate marketing platform or lead you to the world’s largest affiliate community for free?

These are all things I offer and far more. perhaps a presentation comes after the invite because you’re warming to the situation. I’m hoping your experience here places you in need of a presentation to learn more.

After I send the presentation I follow up with a decision to mentor you or not or to introduce you to all the things I mentioned earlier. I only choose or make decisions based on the seven steps to automate my business accordingly to help others.

6. Follow Up

Automation can mean everything we do, however by automating your website to work around the clock using the seven steps less work is needed when your website is complete. If you follow up on absolutely everything you do the more success you will have.

Following up on emails, leads, conversations or subscriptions can all be automated. All you need is some automation software. I use Aweber because they are affiliate friendly and offer a free trial to test their autoresponders.

An autoresponder is software that sends out emails after a customer who has opted in for a trial, gift, training etc. The emails are triggered one after the other under a time sequence and your job is done. That’s the reason why online training courses or videos under the subscription are so popular, they can be sent out via email automatically.

If you follow up on the information on this website you’ll find it’s unique and easy to understand. I don’t believe in flesh reading hence I dedicate my posts to learnability. When you follow up on all your customer needs you are on to a winner.

If you are contacted for a sale, make sure you are prepared. Again make videos, FAQs or anything that will mean less work later. That is what automation is all about and helps you with follow-ups. The more work you spend on following up with content to answer questions the less you will need to do later.

7. Handle

To handle is to complete a deal, answer a query or follow up or complete a task via communication. It makes sense to handle the whole seven steps in order, however, this is not mandatory and can be mixed up. I always handle the steps in order to achieve.


No matter how you handle automation the seven steps to automation are failure free. It’s something you know already in life. In our lives, we automate things to make them easier hence saving time. Website automation is no different and brings success to many

I hope you have enjoyed reading and urge you to leave a comment and follow the next step in the 20-step affiliate training.

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