How to Setup Your Email Autoresponder in Aweber

Most people worry about being accepted on a platform that has reviews about them not being affiliate friendly. I understand that your email autoresponder may be what will make your affiliate business run.

This is the reason I’m covering setting up your Aweber Autoresponders in this lesson.

AWeber delivers the ability to quickly build responsive landing pages, and load and manage contacts. You Can send amazing emails, send instant push notifications, and analyze results without having to be internet savvy.

Aweber also has a 24-hour site support chatline from inside your account and you can test the platform with 500 free subscription emails.

List Name & Description

To make sure your new autoresponder is set up correctly you may want to add some details to your messages which are automatic. You can name your list from the list name from the list options interface.

From the list settings on the main page of your account once clicked you can add the details, you want automatically placed to your emails. Here’s a list of what you can add to your emails.

  • List Name and Description.
  • From Name and Address.
  • Contact Address.
  • Notifications.

Building Your Subscription Form

You have an offer and want your users to subscribe, however, how do you build a subscription form in Aweber?

From the Aweber, member interface clicks on the pages and forms link and then signup forms and choose a template at the top of the page to design your form as a theme for your website. You can then easily add this to your widgets area anywhere on your website when done.

There are three steps when designing your form, it’s as simple as that. Make sure you save and exit when exiting the subscription build area to install the code (HMTL) into your website’s widget area or on a page or post.

Subscription forms allow you to harvester emails in conjunction with your offers, therefore building up your website’s traffic. You can subscribe to my offer from the subscription form I designed on Aweber for you.

Where to Start with an Email Autoresponder

Firstly, what does an autoresponder look like and how do you trigger the emails to be sent out one at a time? I’ve added a screenshot of when I began with this training course for you.

How to trigger your email autoresponder in time.

As you can view from the image above emails are set up to be triggered for 5 hours and then 1 day in between. This gives the reader time to digest the information, moreover, allows time to accept the offer. In my case, it’s a free offer.

Don’t send emails out 1 minute in between each one! It deters customers due to flooding their inboxes too soon.

How to Set Up Triggers for Your Campaigns

Now let’s look at setting up your emails with a trigger set-up in between.

How to implement the triggers for your email autoresponder.

As you can see you have three messages and two triggers that send the emails within a time frame. The first message has no trigger as it is sent out straight after subscription. You can remove or copy the messages, however, how do you place the triggers in between messages?

The image to the right is situated to the left of the image above on the Aweber campaigns interface from your account. This is so you can drag and drop the action into your autoresponder.

You can drag and drop send a message to go out straight away or place a wait time in between each of your emails with a chosen time frame.

Once your forms have been built and your email autoresponder has been set up make sure you go to campaigns from the campaigns link on your main page and activate the one you want. You can spend as much time as you want designing it to your website’s theme.

As you can see I have designed a newsletter, however, paused it for a later time to go out to customers.


Once you have set this up, perhaps in a few hours your website will begin to collect emails and send out free or paid offers. It’s a few easy steps towards making your offers well-established.

Aweber has great customer support, and they are also affiliate-friendly which makes things far easier. Customer support helps you take it to the next level regardless if you are a full-standing subscription member or on a free account.

You can visit anywhere on my website to see where I’ve placed the subscription forms at 20 Step Affiliate. As this training comes to an end (One more post to go) I hope you have learned a lot to organise your online affiliate business and thank you kindly for participating.

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