Grow Rich Content – Separation of Powers for Online Success

Grow rich content and give customers a comprehensive breakdown of your niche to succeed. Now you have completed the first four lessons you’re ready to build content that attracts visitors to your domain.

The separation of powers that energises writing is to write directly for your customers, moreover, it’s what directs your customers to believe.

These days being honest online creates huge steps for your online business. If you work hard and throw emphasis on your sales it’s worth learning content writing for SEO. Learn how to power up your niche and sell online.

Learning the basics is what I’m going to cover with your today because it’s what works. Knowing the basics is important from the first four lessons, moreover, you can build your website right now.

Flesh Reading Ease

Have you ever read a website that has too many difficult words, moreover it has long paragraphs. Web pages are typically “scanned” more than reading, and the higher score a page has, the more easily scanned it is. Scores can most easily be improved by shortening sentences.

Not only do short paragraphs increase ranking on Google they are easier to the eye. Flesh reading ease is the need to write accordingly as to what a search engine ranks on. In the beginning, you may think difficult words rank, however, remember you need to write for your audience.

As long as you stick to solid writing practices, readability scores will matter for SEO. That is the reason I am going to cover mostly SEO and writing solid content. Google prefers texts that are easy to follow, also when they’re read out loud using voice search.

Readability is the practice of making your writing understandable and easy to digest for your target audience. Marketing to your audience is critically important. Your audience wants to learn something from you be it a product or a simple review.

Overuse of the Passive Voice

At school we are constantly learning about the passive voice, however, websites need to read clear about scenarios. There are two main disadvantages to using the passive voice: the meaning of the sentence may not be clear, or the sentence may become awkward.

In the first example, The bicycle was broken, and the use of the passive voice prevents the reader from knowing who broke the bicycle. Here’s a more clear example: The teacher broke the bicycle. When you are writing you have to teach the reader who does what and why.

Many English style guides require avoiding it to make sentences more clear. However, you should not completely avoid the passive voice, as sometimes it may be more convenient or even necessary to use.

If you have read my previous keyword lesson you’ll remember SEO/AIO that generates a score, moreover, it generates a score for the passive voice. It teaches you to be clear and precise which in turn creates a better SEO score to rank better on Google.

Images and Videos in Content

Of course, many videos and images slow your website down, however, they do tend to convey messages well. I tend to place a few on-topic videos strategically positioned in my posts. I place images that have a meaning to offer my audience a captivating account of my explanations.

Grow Rich Content - Separation of Powers for Online Success

If you want to grow rich content consider creating a few videos, moreover, practice creating them as they are valuable tools for learners. These days people rather watch videos than reading tons of content because it saves time.

Images tell a story and make content more attractive and easier to understand. However remember don’t overuse them due to website lagging, slowing your website down. Depending on your website theme will take into consideration how much they will slow your pages down.

Focus on Your Keyphrase URL In Your Introduction

When you begin writing a post or page make sure you add the key phrase in your introduction. This is important content that helps Google know what your website is about. It’s also fine to add just one keyword as long as it’s in the first paragraph.

You can then implement your keywords no more than 150 words apart as you read down your post or page. The key phrase in the introduction checks whether or not your focus keyphrase is in the introduction of your text.

This means, SEO checks if it’s in the first paragraph or not. Preferably, you would use your focus keyphrase in the very first sentence. You would like to make your topic clear as soon as possible.

Grow Rich Content for a Better SEO/AIO Score

On the post edit screen, scroll down to the AIOSEO Settings section. From here, you’ll find the option to set a focus keyphrase for that particular post or page as mentioned in lesson 3 on 20 Step Affiliate.

Remember to grow rich content slowly because there is no rush to win at the first dice. Learning SEO content strategies take time, effort and practice. If you trust All in One SEO then you’ll make huge advances towards writing better.

Focus Keyphrase is Meta Description

When you have downloaded both Generator Press and Block Editor and gone to posts and pages in Worpress Dashboard the All AIO interface is all there for you to learn as you write. You will become accustomed to writing for a 100/00 score.

From the dashboard in WordPress just go to pages and posts and click on the edit snippet button and add your meta description and don’t forget to press save. If you don’t press save once you have entered all the details a true score won’t be generated.

Grow Rich Content & Focus Keyphrase in Subheadings

When your well into your writing, a post or page, a review or an article remember that your score will improve better for 100/100. Add your key phrase into your subheadings and watch your score grow.

I find that even though my headings are H1 Headings if I add an H2 heading as a sub-category a better score is generated. This only works, however, if I add my keyphrase within the subheading.

Focus On Keyphrase Length

All in One SEO recommends using a focus keyphrase of no more than four words. However, you can use a longer focus keyphrase if you feel that you would be able to use it properly in your content.

I find that three keyphrase words are ample to project a higher score and also it’s clearer for Google to understand the topic. Your target keywords need to meet four criteria — significant search volume, high relevance, strong conversion value, and reasonable competition.

You have to think about what your audience will search for to find you so I suggest reviewing all your keywords on Jaaxy. I use Jaaxy and it’s free for trial so you can get used to creating relevant keywords to complement your writing.

Focus Keyphrase in Image Alt Attributes

Images need to tell a story, not only are they interesting as long as on topic they need to have an Alt Attribute. When you add an image to All in One SEO (SEO/AIO) click on the image and a small box will appear on the right-hand side.

You need to add an explanation of your image including your page or post-Keyphrase (s). In the free version, you can only add one keyphrase. However, you can upgrade at any time once you have learned the ropes.

When I say you need an explanation of the image it might go something like this page you are reading.

  • Grow Rich Content, learn to write content better.

In this post, you’ll be able to familiarise yourself better with how to structure a post or page. All the hidden secrets are here on this exact page. You can take a look at the conclusion below.

Set Up Your AIO

Sentence Length for Your 100/100 All In One SEO Score

Remember you not writing a book. therefore keep your sentences short, accurate and on topic. When your score is generated on the All in One SEO it takes into account sentence length, therefore use transition words to describe.

Using transition words such as, therefore, however, because etc also eliminates you getting a lower grade score for not making sentences roll. This is a learning curb because you are graded both on sentence length and transition words.

I promise you after a few attempts at a post or page you’ll soon be flying and getting a 100/100. It’s a matter of practice and patience, however, you will succeed. As mentioned once you have added your meta description and your keyphrase and saved it you can begin to write and see your score change as you do so.

Consecutive Sentences

It’s an easy mistake to make, however, try not to use too many starting sentences the same. All In One SEO challenges you to write with interesting content so therefore search for new words. You can search for new words using a thesaurus.

There is a downside to this when writing a list which sometimes may start with words that are the same. I have managed to get around this by not writing too many lists. You can experiment by writing a list that doesn’t start with the same words.

Internal & External Links

You can grow rich content by adding a few links, both internal (The website you are working on) and external websites. An external website may be difficult at the start as this may be your first website. I used Wikipedia when I started to answer various content needs.

Once again your overall score is generated by such links so use your imagination when developing your website to link to other pages as your website grows.


Not all of us enjoy writing long-winded posts or pages, however, once you learn the ropes you’ll be able to write the recommended amount. The recommended amount of words is said to be 1500 words, however, All in One SEO allows less than this to score high.

There is some scepticism about what Google thinks is enough. I think as long as you have covered your niche well and been honest and on-topic all is well. You’ll soon be writing a lot so be ready to spend a lot of time online.

Rounding This Up – The Conclusion

Now I know you’re ready to add content to your website and it’s just a matter of time before your posts will be ranked on Google. Take your time learning to write content for SEO and above all learn to enjoy it. For me, there is nothing more therapeutic than content writing and it’s exciting to rank on Google.

Take your time and go through all the lessons I have written for you. If you haven’t reached them from the homepage yet please go to 20 Step Affiliate and read them when you have time. I think you are now ready for the next lesson.

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