Google Analytics Training – Online Consultancy for Beginners

Prepare to learn how to implement this Google Analytics training into the structure of your content. So far you have learned affiliate marketing, which means an affiliate receives a commission for promoting another company’s product. Also, I have covered selecting your target audience by identifying your niche.

You have maintained keyword content before your website creation, why? I taught you how to get your website indexed and ranked on Google before you begin. I have thrown light on creating a website project plan to build your website.

I’ve covered how to grow rich content and give your customers a comprehensive breakdown of your niche to succeed. You now know how to make money online fast to accomplish your online goals in order. Now with my Google Analytics training, you can monitor your traffic.

Google Analytics Training for Beginners

Learn from the Google Analytics Training

By now your website should be a shell of what you want. It’s time to implement Google Analytics into the foundations of your website to monitor traffic. I’m teaching this at the beginning of your website creation for a clear idea of where your traffic is coming from.

Google Analytics allows you the information needed to help you shape your business’s success strategy, discovering things you probably never knew about visitors to your site. It’s time to break down the process. Here’s what can be recorded with your Analysis.

  • Site Speed Overview Report.
  • Goal Overview Report.
  • Landing Pages Report.
  • Navigation Summary.
  • Channels Report.
  • Mobile Overview Report.

Google Analytics is a Powerful Free Tool

There is no other tool for free like Google Analytics, an online tool that tracks your website and marketing performance. This allows you to make adjustments to improve it for success, moreover, it gives you important tracking information.

You will be able to see how many people are visiting your website, moreover, if people are coming from Google, Facebook or any other websites. Most importantly you can monitor which pages of your website are getting the most views.

There are three easy stages to this process that highlight in order the procedures to open a new Google Analytics account.

1. Create an Account – Google Analytics Training

You will need a Google account address to sign in to Google Analytics or use another account you use for other Google products. If you haven’t got an account take a look below. If you don’t have an account you can click on set up a new account from Google Analytics.

Now you have a Google account address you can sign into Google Analytics where you can set up a free account. Once you have logged into Google Analytics You will be prompted to add an account name. I suggest leaving the recommended options ticked at this stage because you can change these at any stage afterwards.

You now choose whether you want to measure a website, app or both. This is an easy three-step process so read on. Now once you have chosen click on next. This interface is where you will enter your website name and URL.

You will also be prompted to select an industry category for your business. Don’t forget to choose your timezone so that Google Analytics gathers live information for tracking. This also records live information that is in sync with your local time.

Now it’s time to click create an account, therefore your account is now live. It’s time to read the terms of service and accept the rules of your country or region. That’s it your account is now ready for the next steps.

2. Install Tracking Code for Google Analytics

In the next part of this Google Analytics training, you are going to allow your account to collect data to monitor your traffic. This will allow you to read reports from your account, moreover, it gives you all the live information you need.

From here you will need to install the tracking code on your website. There are a few ways of implementing tracking code giving you various options for your skillset to track your traffic. This of course also depends on the website you have.

I’ve been covering the 20-Step Affiliate training more about WordPress. Today I’ll be covering how to implement tracking code on WordPress a little later. Your tracking code automatically comes up after you have opened an account so it’s the first step you will take inside the account to monitor traffic.

Finding the Tracking Code Interface inside Google Analytics

If you are not prompted to add tracking code to your account just click on the admin tab in the bottom left-hand side corner of the Google Analytic account home page. Once you have arrived at the next page click on tracking information and then the tracking code link.

You have now arrived at the page for the tracking code ready to implement onto your website. If you are using a shopping website you can simply copy the code and apply it to the Admin section of your website.

Wix allows you to implement directly from the admin area (Marketing Integrations). It allows you to manually cut and paste the code into your website. The website platform I use allows the site support to implement the code for you (Wealthy Affiliate)

If you have coded your own website which is becoming rare these days simply enter into the coding area of your website and paste the code under your head tag. This procedure means adding the code to every page you want to be tracked.

Adding Tracking Code to WordPress (Recommended)

Simply log on to your WordPress dashboard because you need to click to add a new plugin from the left-hand-side toolbar. It’s an easy process hence I recommend WordPress, moreover, it has more users than any other platform on the web.

Search for the Monster Insights Plugin and click install and activate it. You now need to launch it and follow the set-up wizard. Now click on the link that best suits your website description and save. You now need to connect your website with Monster Insights.

Now login using the Google account you used to create to Google Analytics account, therefore, you can now leave the recommended settings and click save and continue. Finally, click to exit the setup wizard.

The wizard will now collect data for your website and encourage you to make amendments that need addressing to rank higher on Google.

Step 3 – Test If it’s Working or Not

Open an incognito window from your browser and type in your website’s domain because this will confirm if it’s working or not. You need to now refresh the page in Google Analytics and view if there is one active user on your website. (This will be You!) Now you can prove that it’s all working.

It takes 48 Hours for your website to collect data because this allows Google time to track your domain and collect the data you need to view for analysis reports. By clicking on Analytics home you view how many people have visited your website. Also where visitors are coming from and which country your user comes from and which devices they are using.

Google Analytics Training – Conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed these simple steps to setting up Google Analytics, moreover, thinking about writing great content to get ranked. This is the simplest method of creating an account and takes around ten minutes. If you haven’t read the previous lessons please start here.

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