All in One SEO – WordPress SEO Plugin (Affiliate Marketing)

Writing reviews or articles with the WordPress SEO Plugin is your chance to create great content. It’s all about scoring 100/100 every single time you write, moreover, you will create the most perfect SEO content possible.

Block Editor & All In One SEO – AIOSEO allows an easy transition for writing straight into Block Editor instead. This is faster, moreover, teaches you to write great content and it keeps tabs on your score in live view.

Preparation For Using The WordPress SEO Plugin

  • Create a WordPress Website – Ready for Content!
  • Download & Set Up AIOSEO in WordPress Dashboard
  • Consider Keywords For Your first Post And SEO Title. (Use Jaaxy)
  • Use The Keyword Counter Tool to Limit Headline Words to 60.
  • Open up A Post Ready for Content Creation on WordPress.

Below is a list of SEO Titles I saved in Notepad to choose which ones score the best. These took me less than 30 minutes to research, moreover, I have a list of SEO headings now that score well.

The scores below were generated by typing my SEO headings direct into the Block editor in WordPress keeping tabs on the scores.

  • All in One SEO – WordPress SEO Plugin (Affiliate Marketing) (Scored 84)
  • Make Your Decision – Working Closely With SEOAIO & Block Editor (Scored 84)
  • Make Life Easier – AIOSEO New Formula (Affiliate Marketing) (Scored 77)
  • The Truth Concept – AIOSEO & Block Editor – Make Life Easier (Scored 73)

My Generated Score For This Review

Learn how to utilize the WordPress SEO Plugin

At the beginning of this post, I automatically generated a score of 84/100 for my SEO heading and 100/100 for my SEO content. Take a look at the breakdown of scores for the 85/100 score for my SEO Title.

These Scores aren’t perfect, however, enough to generate a score of 84/100 for my SEO heading which is really good. Below is the score for word count and character count in my SEO Heading, furthermore, it was less than the maximum amount of letters to be read in full on Google.

WordPress SEO Plugin – Edit Snippet

In Block Editor you’ll see the edit snippet button from where you’ll enter your SEO information. This is what allows you to score 100/100 at the beginning of your post. You’ll Start with a score of 100/100 therefore as your score goes down you’ll work on the mistakes to improve as you type.

WordPress SEO Plugin Helps you maintain content excellence

Next up is the interface to place your snippet previews to create the post title like in the image above. Now take a look at the preview snippet editor below where you enter your Meta description etc.

This is how I generate a score of 100/100, moreover, it guides me to keep the score at a maximum of 100/100. If you want to read more in-depth content about working with this system please click the link below.

Maintain Keyword Content – 20-Step Affiliate Training Course

If you have clicked on the above link you’ll now know how to keep your score at 100/100 to maintain your content. You’ll learn all about keyword implementation and how to work on your score.

It isn’t that difficult to combine your content with WordPress SEO Plugin. It takes a few attempts, however, take your time and use the tips I have passed over to you.

Why Should You Use the WordPress SEO plugin?

It’s the easiest tool out there for maintaining content excellence. The free version is enough to have you ranked far better on Google, moreover, improve your SEO.

By now if you have followed all my training you should have a WordPress website ready for content, furthermore, you should be ready to write. This whole training course is for you because I believe you can build a fully automated website to earn money.

There is nothing better than writing content, moreover, creating your planned reviews, articles or posts. If you’re enjoying these easy steps in the training please continue because the rest gets even better for your online business.

Thank You! for following my training, furthermore, please leave a comment below because it helps me understand your interest in my content. Don’t worry about finding it difficult at the start, moreover, continue until you have perfected all I teach.

There is nothing better than learning SEO because it gives you the skills to succeed, therefore, your learning becomes continuous. I am willing to write as many posts and reviews as I can because I enjoy helping others, that’s my full reason for this training.

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