About Me - The 20 Step Affiliate - A Winning Online Formula

My name is Stephen Peter Jones, owner of the 20 Step Affiliate and have been into affiliate marketing for some years. This is how I learned a lot along the way. My passion is to help as many people as possible and guide you through my 20 Step Affiliate training.

I enjoy many virtual things such as travel, reading and football. However, I also enjoy creating training courses for affiliate marketing. Previously I owned a hotel booking website for hotels in Thailand, a travel forum and a teaching website for ESL (English Second Language). My ESL website was a recruitment website for new teachers abroad.

Apart from creating online training, I love to travel and have been to over 87 cities and 37 countries over the years. Over the years I have taught English in Thailand for five years, China for three years and Bangladesh for a year. I speak Thai quite well considering it’s been some years since I left.

What Passions Exist in My Future Plans?

My passion for learning dictates most of my time. Learning the key aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization is number one for me. These days I consider myself a fast learner and spend most of my time online helping others.

Nothing drives me more than the passion to help others. It is now I dedicate time and energy to helping newbies understand how to create an online business. The 20 Step Affiliate training will help you start your online business.

My passion is to create a new travel blog with all the knowledge I have. This will include all the photos and memories from years of travel. Soon I will be back on the road travelling with my work, moreover, I want to be able to be 100% mobile.

About Me – The 20 Step Affiliate – A Winning Online Formula

There is a winning formula in everything including algorithms that drive the internet for huge businesses like Google. My training course is designed for you, therefore I want you to understand a lot about what drives the web.

the winning formula is to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization), especially for free traffic. I know it makes sense to teach this, moreover, I want you to learn SEO too. The reason for me taking the winning formula approach is to be more able to create even more training websites.

My Belief is that someday my winning online formula will be open to the web masses. At the moment it’s doing really well, therefore I will be updating it as much as possible. I’ve had a good life and always spend time with other webmasters and online friends.

I am fond of forums and love to learn from Reddit and other online discussion boards. This is where I get most of my ideas, moreover, it keeps me interested. I feel passionate about winning in all that I do and have many achievements. My greatest achievement is travelling for over ten years.

How I became Successful on The Internet

If you haven’t travelled around this website yet please don’t forget to read my Demonstrate Learning Perfection page. This particular page gives me great motivation no matter how many times I read it. The motivation for me is to get you motivated to take on the 20 Step Affiliate training and win.

My Success mostly comes from patience, therefore, I tend to climb over all hurdles. Again this is the reason to launch the 20 Step affiliate training course. I have mastered the art of writing direct into my editor and proofreading it as I go along.

Saving time is the essence not to be overshadowed by things that slow you down. Building websites is easy, however, SEO is not. Success came with my travel and teaching forums from which I learned a lot about both subjects.

Online Communities is a Passion

These days I spend most of my free time away from my businesses talking and gathering tips and knowledge in a community. I am not talking about a community with 100 people, moreover hundreds of thousands. In the training, this will be covered in-depth as I find it important to introduce you to the community too.

Your Success Is In My Best Interest

I guess being noticed is something I enjoy, moreover it gives me pleasure when others ask me questions I find easier than ever to answer. Learning the Q&A technique is something that is in the training, however, it’s towards the end.

It’s within my best interest to make as many people successful as possible. It’s from this I love what I do. Being excepted as a mentor means I have achieved maximum success in helping others. Making you successful brings me success and proves my ability which in essence, drives me.

If you’re considering trusting my training remember everything I teach and make notes. Absorb all the knowledge and guidelines and make your business count. The training is in a sequence of needs so you can build your business as you learn. Thank you for reading my about me page and until next time have a great day.