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Are you ready to take the 7 infallible steps to make money with affiliate marketing? Get in the right mindset first by knowing you’re incapable of making mistakes or being wrong. Of course, we all make mistakes unless we adopt a winning formula for all we set out to achieve.

Make Money Online Fast – Control Your Business for Wealth was my first addition to help you grasp the knowledge to make money online. Now we’re moving forward, moreover, covering something you’re going to learn effortlessly.

These steps are what you need to make money from a home business regardless of what your online business is. It doesn’t matter what your product is be it affiliated or a product you created.

This lesson comes after the previous post – Making Life Easier – How to Automate (Affiliate Marketing) because I want you to digest what I have passed onto you and practice. This is more of a heart-to-heart post with you to find the motivation

7 Infallible Steps in Order to Get Results

Quite often people say they have been doing this business for such a long time and not getting results. There needs to be a structure and formula for everything as a plan to follow. People do not enjoy hard sales. Reduce the advertising and improve the content first.

The way forward is to think about the omission and alteration of the seven steps.  The problem is the act, fact, or state of leaving something out or failing to do something by the procedure. If one of the steps is missed out the rest won’t work, it’s that simple.

Want to earn an income? Your mindset here is getting leads that turn into sales that turn into revenue. Remember people rarely buy something the first time. You may send them an email from a subscription five times until one day they read it.

The 7 Step Offers

 7 Infallible Steps to Make Money

You need somewhere to send customers to learn about your business and its products.

  • Presentation Page
  • YouTube Video
  • Webinar
  • Blog

Remember you’ll receive more opt-ins for your offers if they are on a free trial, moreover, if the content is top-notch it could lead to later sales.

Hot Tip!

Your email list is something that drives sales and you need emails to send people to your presentation etc. Never delete emails from your list because the more popular you become the more old subscribers will join.

Remember people rarely purchase something if it’s their first exposure, however, one day they may read the email, watch the video and buy. Your emails need to tell a story and attract the customer’s attention. It could be a year, a month, a week or the same day before they purchase.

Keep all your emails from automated campaigns and continue sending them because your customers should have a function within your emails to unsubscribe if it’s not for them. You’ll be surprised how many people hang on to offers.

Infallible Steps In A Nutshell

In the beginning, you have a flow of the public that has no clue who you are, therefore your task is to get people to know you. The Infallible steps help filter out all those that are not qualified to communicate and don’t qualify. Once customers are in the funnel, it’s advertising time and time to communicate.

Those that don’t qualify could be those who did not accept your invitation, or who won’t watch a presentation. If they are not willing to communicate they are not willing to do anything. It’s your job to change their mindset and get them on board.

Once you have made contact with a customer it’s a good idea to think about what you want to do. At this point, you’re not trying to persuade, convince, overcome the objection, or ask them to be an opponent in a game where it’s you against them.

Your first point of contact is to get to know them, ask questions, make friends, and cover topics about likes and dislikes. Once on the subject of your niche drop the link to your presentation and explain you know how to do that. Don’t hard sell at any point just be honest and friendly.

1. Contact

In order to create a new email list, you need to contact people, therefore think about creating solid authoritative content. Your authority in your niche is essential to gain momentum by leading people towards a sign-up form with an offer.

Your audience is going to ask questions there is no denying that therefore be ready to engage from the first point of contact. This could be on a Facebook business page or a webinar you offer for free guidance and training.

Without contacts, you have no one to lead through your sales funnel. There is nothing better than a free training video or an educational affiliate presentation telling people how to become successful. Read my Fiver offer Funnel guide that shows you how to create a funnel to gain contacts.

2. Communication

Anyone can do this, however, it’s essential to understand the main principle that to communicate you need to make contact. You’re going to create as many contacts as you can on Social Media, Webinars, presentations and authoritative content-driven posts, pages or articles.

Don’t worry about trying to present your product, event or service at the first point of communication. You are just getting to know customers first before you invite them towards your niche.

If you can’t communicate with your new friend you can’t do anything with them so make friends by being a natural conversationist about other stuff away from the business. There is nothing wrong with making friends into customers.

If your new friend is pushed into a sale from the first sentence of your message or phone call you have destroyed the first 99% of a chance to sell. Don’t forget you’re helping people out because you believe 100% in your product and you know it works.

3. Qualify

Once you have completed creating a friendship away from sales and you have struck up a great conversation guided towards your niche it’s time to qualify. Simply ask your friend if he knows much about (Your Product)

Manoeuvre the conversation towards qualifying your friend to take a look at your presentation, webinar or Zoom Schedule and invite them. Chances are by now you should be excepted as a friend and the invite is far more likely to happen.

4. Invite

Everyone likes invitations, especially if it comes from a friend. Maybe it’s someone from your Facebook friends list who has been talking about your niche. You have already made great communication, and qualified your friend and now you’re inviting them towards your niche.

Once your friend accepts your invitation your job is far easier. All these Infallible steps are ongoing from where you are constantly pushing people through your funnel. That’s why I love the Five Offer Funnel so much as you can offer a free opt-in of course this is good for friendship.

5. Presentation

Your presentation should be how you manoeuvre your customers into a sales environment, giving opportunities. It can be free or at a small cost, however, remember it has to be well rehearsed. Even if your presentation is live online or in slide format you must answer questions.

Know your niche inside out and prepare for questions because this is likely to lead to sales if you plan well. The next step after the presentation is to interact with customers. Answer questions, guide people and become a master at your niche.

If you don’t have customers going through your funnel don’t give in because you have to master the first 4 steps. Contact, communicate, qualify, and invite are the steps that require work. Once your contact form is working via your website content and you have opt-ins your business is working.

6. Follow Ups

In terms of Importance following up after you have invited people to your presentation is the key. By now you should have your email autoresponders working. It’s a great time to send out an email triggered by customers that have excepted your email invite to the presentation.

All this can be less strenuous so emails, leads, conversations or subscriptions are all part of the funnel with the autoresponders that are triggered in order to reach customers. I can’t tell you how important it is to read the Five Offer Funnel to understand the process.

The Five Offer funnel can run on a fully automated system so follow-ups are automatically created to reach a customer’s inbox in a time sequence. You can get a free trial with Aweber with the first 500 subscribed emails being free.

7. Handle

If you handle the infallible steps one after another and pay attention to how your emails are being delivered from the sign-up form to the sale you’ll be fine. Handle each step manually if you want especially the communication point to attract new business.

If you handle the communication part of your business the rest is simple. Creating invites via communication is the key. Send your friends a link towards your funnel and let your autoresponders do the rest.

Remember to concentrate on keeping the steps in sequence and pay attention to your friend list. Make sure you handle your friends well before you make an offer. Always think about invites and handling whom you want to invite to your niche sale.


If you’re wondering why this topic has been covered twice in the training it’s to teach what I believe is a great strategy that can be taught in many ways. I feel there was more to cover with you to enlighten you on the mindset for a system that works wonders if studied to perfection.

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